Manage your rental properties with ease!

Record all important property details


  • Record details, upload photos and set target rent (if the room can be rented separately)
  • Appliances

  • Record your inventory, set remainders for expiring warranties
  • Essentials

  • Save details about alarms and emergency stops (water, gas, electricity)
  • Keys

  • Never lose track of your property keys
  • Utility suppliers and meter readings

  • Keep track of the utility suppliers and meter readings
  • Insurances

  • Never forget your insurance details. Set remainders for expiring insurances
  • Safety certificates

  • Be compliant with safety regulations
Property details

Track your leases

Maintain your tenants and leases records

    Create tenancies

  • Create leases for the whole property or for a single room/tenant
  • Tenant deposits

  • Record the tenants deposits
  • Guarantors

  • Keep track of all guarantors and their contact details
  • Letting agents

  • Record details about your letting agents and their fees
  • Invoicing

  • Automatically create invoices and email them to your tenants
Tenancy details

Bank feeds integration

Import transactions directly from your bank account. Keep your books up-to-date by connecting your bank accounts, importing, and reconciling transactions with our secure integration

    Bank feeds

  • Link accounts to automate tracking
  • Everything in one place

  • Connect multiple bank accounts and easily access and view all your financials in one handy place
  • Encrypted and secure

  • We use Nordigen to securely connect to your bank account. We do not handle any of your data
  • Seamless, accurate, fast

  • Scroll through your historical payments and tap reconcile to reconcile against an organization, property, or unit
  • Bookkeeping simplified

  • Speed up your accounting process with Landlord Fusion! You can set up recurring expenses, access, view, and reconcile transactions directly from your bank feeds
  • Availability

  • Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
Bank Accounts

Maintenance resolved quickly

See how LandlordFusion removes paperwork, improve collaboration and resolve issues quickly.

    Get Properties back in order

  • On average, the amount of time spent to organize a repair reduces by 80 % and keeps maintenances happy.
  • Maintain great rental units

  • Self-service reporting by maintenances, and quick and organized tracing of work orders keeps rentals in shape.
  • Maintain units your tenants will love

  • Once you and your maintenance are up and running it is easy to share maintenance issues, discuss and resolve quickly
  • Manage Maintenance tickets

  • Tenants, Rental Owners, you and your employees, all can submit maintenance tickets, share images and discuss the issue
Bank Accounts

Keep on top of every important task

Tasks will help you keep organized by allowing you to track everything you need to do and keeping it tied to the item in LandlordFusion you need to complete

    Add a task

    Assign it

    Track progress

Bank Accounts


In app chat that connects you with all of your users


    Everything in one place


Bank Accounts

Generate professional financial reports

Gain insights into your property portfolio’s performance and make filing your end-of-year taxes easier and faster than ever before

    Reach reports

  • Run reports to gain deeper insight into your rental and property management business
  • Download as pdf

  • You can download the reports you need in a single click
Bank Accounts

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